Used Boats

Sportsboat World should be your first stop for a pre-owned SB20. Having specialised in the sale and international distribution of the SB20 to help nurture growing fleets, we understand the need for an immediately available ready-to-race boat which is economically priced.

Sportsboat World are happy to discuss trade-in terms for your old boat against a new SB20. Due to the anticipated lead times for new boats we would be happy to talk to you about terms which will allow you to carry on using your boat until your new one is ready.

Note we often have a waiting list of clients who are looking for an approved pre-owned boat so please get in touch. It is usual for established fleets such as the UK to help new fleets starting in other areas by supplying economically priced second hand boats.

All Sportsboat World dealers have access to both new and used boats.

Please e-mail for more information: