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Sportsboat World is proud to be producing the SB20. With 10 years of experience in the class you can be assured that the new SB20 boats will be every bit as fast as the old ones, whilst still maintaining the strict one design DNA of the class.

Of course there will be some minor modifications… some due to supplier issues but mostly as a consequence of feedback from sailors, where with the designer Tony Castro we have just made the boat that little bit more comfortable and efficient to sail. All of these changes will be made with the full consultation of the class to ensure that the future of the best value one-design sportsboat is in safe hands.

Key suppliers:

The SB20 is built under licence in the UK, returning to its original builder White Formula. First generation White Formula hulls (the first 55 boats) are still very much at a premium amongst the fleet with 10 year old boats being considered highly competitive. Your investment in a new boat will stand the test of time both in terms of value and speed on the race track.

IMG_4067 2

After careful negotiation Sportsboat World are pleased to retain Hyde Sails and Selden Masts as sail and spar supplier respectively.

Hull colour:

The new hulls will come with white hulls and grey deck as standard. We are pleased to announce that we are also able to build your boat in your personal or corporate colours for a surcharge of only £450 +VAT – e-mail for more information.

Gennaker colours and logos:

From August 2012 gennakers will be provided in seasonal colours. Please note you are also able to order individual colours for a premium of £175 +VAT. Logos can be let in to gennakers for circa £475 +VAT.

How to order:

Ordering your new boat will be an enjoyable personal experience. Every customer is important to us and you will receive individual attention from Head Office or a specific dealer to ensure you get the boat that you want.

  1. We will individually discuss your requirements and provide a provisional build slot.
  2. You pay 20% deposit.
  3. Following a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and payment of the balance your boat may be collected or shipped to your required destination.
  4. A full after sales service is available with free helpful advice from experienced sailors and of course a full warranty, back up and spares service.

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