A view from Australia’s SB20 World Championships


By now everyone should be back from the 2018 SB20 World Championships held down in Hobart, Tasmania. It was very encouraging to see how this local fleet has built from virtually nothing to nearly fifty boats in about six years. It is now very much the only show in town, with owners ditching their big IRC boats and other Sportsboats to join the SB20 class. Regular Thursday night racing throughout the year and a healthy dose of weekend regattas has proven to be a strong draw, with a wide spectrum of age, sex, family and skill levels, just what Tony Castro had envisaged for the SB20 when the boat was conceived.

The event did highlight a couple of anomalies in the class rules that the World Council will tighten up on. We also need to gently remind everyone that the SB20 is a “closed rule” class, in simplistic terms this means if it isn’t specifically listed, you cannot add it to the boat. This is very much the ethos of the class, turn up, pull up the sails and go sailing…

Well done to the organisers, it is quite an effort to get that many boats and people half way across the world! Well done also to the French teams who once again raised the bar!