The 2018 Season and latest updates!

SB20 Asian Grand Slam & Asia Pacific Championships 2018

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There was no real pause for breath this year with the Hobart Worlds kicking off the year in style. We have just seen quite a spectacular sounding Grand Slam in Singapore, for anyone who has never done this event before it is well worth the effort! There are local charter boats, and Singapore is a major shipping hub, so you could also look at sending a container with a few boats in it. They have a very active local fleet, and excellent sponsorship and support from the One 15 Marina Club.

See the results here! 

The European championships descend on Dublin
The Cascais winter series is in full swing with an international field drawing big numbers. As we then move into the European summer circuit, the big event will be the European Championships in Dublin at the end of August. Having hosted the first World Championships ten years ago, and gathering a fleet of 140 boats, we can be sure that this years’ event will be a cracker.

Looking to set up an SB20 fleet?
Several new regions looking to get an SB20 fleet set up have recently contacted us. Sportsboatworld have helped many regions get going with new boats, locating used boats, spares and supply chain, so we have plenty of experience here. If you are interested please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Tapered jib battens
Following a review with Hyde Sails, all jibs delivered from now on will have tapered battens supplied in the lower two pockets. The jibs take quite a thrashing with the battens hitting the mast in tacks and pre-start head to wind checks and the tapered battens should help relieve the hard point at the inboard end of the batten pocket.
Retrofit battens to fit your existing jibs are available from Sportsboatworld or your local dealer. Price: £32.50 + VAT
We’ve moved office
We were beginning to creak at the seams at our 3 Units in Netley, so we have just completed a move to a new large Unit. Not far away, but we can be found at Unit 19 Bury Farm, Botley Road, Curbridge SO30 2HB.