Rob Andrews joins Alan Hillman & Jerry Hill as Co-Director at Sportsboat World.

Rob in China


Rob was instrumental in the initial development of the SB20 when it was first built by Laser as the SB3. With a lifetime of experience at the highest levels in many aspects of the sailing industry Rob has worked for the RYA as British Olympic coach in several classes as well as retaining National championship titles in his own right.

Rob worked on the SB20 project when it was in its prototype stage, working closely with the designer, Tony Castro, and experts from the mast, fittings and sail suppliers. Throughout this development process Rob coordinated and managed all the on water testing and supervised the modifications as the prototype developed. Having spent his life in the marine industry, driven by his passion for sailing, Rob has worked on a number of high profile projects. This started in 1984 with his Olympic coaching, which ran through to 2004, working freelance and also for the RYA. Moving into event management, he was responsible for the 2012 Olympic sailing events in Weymouth after which he became Racing Director for the Americas Cup World Series in Portsmouth. Recently Rob has been project manager for the Land Rover BAR Academy, who won the Red Bull Youth Americas Cup in Bermuda, this is a project that Rob will continue to manage.

“It’s great to be back involved with the SB20 and Sportsboat World, when you spend as long developing a boat as we did back in 2001, you have a strong affiliation with the boat. Now joining Sportsboat World, and working with Alan and Jerry, it is an exciting period. We have some great ideas as to how to develop our service to customers, whilst introducing some new sailors to a great class that not only provides close racing, but also creates a great social environment for the sailors. I am particularly looking forward to the Europeans in Ireland in 2018 and ways that we can encourage as many boats as possible to enjoy the Irish hospitality and racing.”

Rob Andrews

Rob will manage after sales for the SB20, some of the supplier contracts as well as looking at the opportunities for developing our customer’s experience. It is planned that this will result in some SB20 clinics to help as many sailors as possible get the most from their boats. This has started already with Rob getting up to speed with the latest tuning numbers and looking at how these can be shared. His first insight into this will be in our latest newsletter!

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