New top cover pattern

IMG_2639We have re-modelled the SB20 top cover! We don’t much enjoy putting covers on so we asked to have a faster/easier method of attaching the cover around the mast as well as the straps passing underneath the hull by the keel to be easier to access. The mast cut is now on the side, we have improved the water run-off and have reinforced areas that were known to wear.

The keel crane area has been made so the cover is easier to put on, but it still has a removable hood for travelling at speed when you need to put the cover flatter so it does not flap. Still made in polycotton which gives the best compromise between breathability and durability. We know nobody WANTS to buy a cover, but we hope our new cover will be appreciated by your boat… and you when you have to put it on a after a day on the water.