Tapered kite sheets and halyards now in stock


We now have tapered gennaker sheets (£165 ex-VAT), tapered jib halyards (£142 ez-VAT) and tapered kite halyards (£120 ex-VAT) in stock. With Class Measurer John Outhwaite seeing through the rule changes to allow tapering we have been trying out them out. We currently only offer the above ropes tapered and spliced where applicable as we did not see much gain in the tapering of the main and jib sheets, (although you will be allowed to do so under the new class rules). But I know from our own experience that the kite halyard and sheet upgrades make a huge difference to the sail handling… and a jib halyard with soft shackle makes the halyard tension set up a reliable, repeatable exercise.

photo 3