Singapore Straits Regatta

Whilst Jerry pulled the short straw and was enjoying the fine weather and new club house in Monaco I managed to sneak over to the Singapore Straits regatta. The SB20 fleet has really taken off in the region lately, mainly due to the enthusiasm of Fleet Captain Nils Razmilovich and the University and Federation sailing teams adding competition all the way through the fleet.IMG_9940

Nils Razmilovic

The SB20 is also used in the South East Asia Games, which saw a few regional teams making their way for a pre-regatta warm up at the Straits regatta. The Philippines Ladies team, as well as the selected Singapore Ladies team, certainly made for an improvement on the ratios often seen in the European regattas and sailing four-up they were giving even the most seasoned mens teams a good run for their money.IMG_9931IMG_9932IMG_9935

The fleet is full of talent from yesteryear, including world champions from several classes as well as ex-Olympians and AC sailors… a great mix of enthusiasm, experience and talent combined with pretty good breeze and lots of sunshine! Really interesting sailing near the fleet of parked shipping hardware and just off the most amazing beaches and seafood outlets.IMG_9980

The apres sail beer was pretty good too!

photo 2


Unfortunately the fleet still need to introduce the “speedo-free” rule but hey, you can’t have everything!




The team from Glasgow Kiss won an extremely enjoyable contested regatta on the water…and the prize giving was a pretty spectacular affair… this has to be a better way of racing in the European winter?

photo 3

There are four great videos from the event with a strong SB20 focus – check out Our very own Alan Hillman stars in Day 2, and there are some great windy SB20 shots on Day 4.