New Harken Ratchet


Those nice people at Harken have recently released a new “T2 Soft-Attach Ratchamatic Carbo”

We had been trialing it on our gennaker for most of last year so we can certainly tell you that it appears to release easier when entering the gybe. We even made Jerry trim the kite (on his own!) and he was not complaining any more than usual so we can say the load handling is as good as it always has been. It is much easier to lash directly onto the granny rail so no need for the old webbing or dyneema strop. It is also cheaper than the old model it replaces! We like it.

Anyway, this is what Harken say about it…….

The patent-pending T2 Ratchamatic is Harken’s newest block to feature the T2 line’s styling and soft-attachment system.

The weight of this high-strength block is only a few ounces. This is thanks to composite fibre-reinforced side plates, a hardcoat-anodised aluminium sheave, a lightweight soft-attach, and minimal moving parts in the ratcheting mechanism. All T2 blocks are lashed or spliced through the load-bearing centre of the block, decreasing the loads on the side plates and acting as a safety backup for the system. Lashing allows ratchet adjustment close to the deck. Lashing or splicing provides a variety of options for securing the block at exactly the right height to maintain a fair lead.

Pressure on the line engages the ratchet mechanism, which switches seamlessly from free-running to ratchet mode. Unloaded main and jib sheets run out freely during mark roundings, and asymmetrical spinnaker sheets free instantly during jibes. T2 Ratchamatic blocks are clearly labelled with high-contrast directional markers for correct reeving and trimming direction.
The blocks are available now……£63.27 each excluding VAT for an introductory period only.