Euro-tour 2015?

We have spoken to a lot of teams who are planning a Euro tour next year. There is potentially a great circuit of racing to be had, starting with the Primo Cup in Monaco in January – they have just opened their new massive new Yacht Club, potentially the flashiest club you’ll ever race in so definitely worth a look!

Then it would be on to a couple of events in the south of France, culminating in the Grand Slam in Hyères at the beginning of May. Then we move on and up to Garda for the Grand Slam and the Italian Nationals before the 2015 SB20 World Championships in Torbole.

Tempted? We have quite a few contacts who can help you with boat movement and storage logistics so do get in touch if you need any help.

Event dates:

30 Jan – 1 Feb, Primo Cup, Monaco

6-8 March, Regatta, Cannes

1-3 May, Grand Slam, Hyeres

22-24 May, Grand Slam, Torbole*

19-21 June, Italian Nationals, Torbole

6-10 July, Worlds, Torbole

Of course you could also create your own tour, with plenty of other event options in the UK, Portugal, Netherlands, and other fleets all around the world to choose from…

*amended from originally published dates of Thursday 21-Saturday 23 May

Grand Slam - Malcesine - Fleet

Grand Slam – Malcesine – Fleet