It’s never black and white…

Sail numbers…….


With the new smoke sails we carried out some extensive studies, statistical analysis, and destructive testing, as well as asking the opinion of our wives and some local race officers.

About what you may ask?…well the sails are EXACTLY the same as before, the sole difference being that the scrim in the cloth has now been changed to the colour black rather than white.

This has an impact on what colour SAIL NUMBERS you should use.

We use black sail numbers as:

1. We think it looks the best (but if you are looking for style gurus ignore everything from Jerry or myself);

2. The race officers said it was easier to read in black;

3. Hyde advised black would be best;

4. Our wives said so.

So…. a quick guide to what colour numbers to put on your sails:

Black is white, white is black and smoke is black.