New gennaker colours for 2014

Audi SB20 World Championships - Day 1

Audi SB20 World Championships – Day 1

In 2013 we started producing and stocking gennakers in different colours. Also proving popular is our “cut-in” customisation service, which is carried out by our loft using exactly the same materials so as to minimise any distortion in the sail. The one-design sail is made in a material called Dynakote which has many great properties for gennakers. However, one of these properties is to repel water – and it does this so well that it also repels inks, so painting logos on to them is not possible, hence the “cut-in”.

We have gennakers currently in stock in red, grey, white, light blue and dark blue, available from us at £1412.25 (inc VAT at 20%).

Dynakote colour swatch

If you would like a custom colour, which has to be made from the Dynakote range of colours that are subject to availability, then there is an additional cost of £100 (plus VAT) which includes air freighting the custom colourway from the loft. Please allow up to eight weeks for these sails.

Custom logo designs etc can also be cut-in to sails. Cost depends on size and complexity, but is in the range of £300-£400 (plus VAT). Drop us a line to discuss your ideas!

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