New footstraps

The new SportsBoat World footstrapfootstrapphoto

No more Mr Floppy! The old footstraps always had a tendency to flop at important moments and leave you trying to open the strap with one hand whilst sliding your foot in… Not any more. After quite a few prototypes we have made a strap that has a thick plastic laminate inside which will never let you down. No matter how much you trample over it it will always be there, ready for your feet whenever you need it.

The new strap is available at a cost of £18 (inc VAT). We also have a fitting kit consisting of the plastic screw plates and 4 self-tappers which costs £3.60 per strap.

The strap has been designed to retro-fit in the old style (pre-3700 series) boats so must be fitted in the same place, where there should be wooden blocks in the deck laminate which will accept the new fixings. Contact your local dealer or for more information or to order.