Rudder Gudgeon Inserts

The rudder gudgeon regularly needs the brass bushes replaced. Generally the upper gudgeon on the transom of the boat wears out first and makes the helm of the boat very uncomfortable as the foil clicks from side to side as the pressure comes on and off the rudder. I find it really distracting when steering so will change the gudgeon inserts to prevent it happening.

Care must be taken when inserting the new bushes….”push fit” is how I would describe the fitting of the new bush…not “batter it to death with a hammer and screwdriver” as this always results in damage to the bush.

I have made up the following bits so they can be easily fitted without damaging the bush:


Insert the bolt through the bush and the gudgeon, align the bush and slowly do up the nut. The oversized plastic washer has a larger bore in it so that when you replace the transom gudgeon bush it will allow the bush to push through the gudgeon and up in to washer as the bush is longer than the plate in which the bearing sits.