Sail colours 2014

Following discussions and feedback amongst the fleet in 2013 there was consensus that the black sails were just a little too black…and we that we should consider toning it down a bit! The contender sailcloth C242 that has been used over many years is actually reasonably easy to manipulate in the colour department so we decided to follow the feedback, tone it down and here is the result that we decided on.

photo 1

In 2014 this is the colour that we will hold in stock, available from March…with white and BLACK currently available on a special order basis only…no extra cost involved…just a bit of lead time! It is EXACTLY the same cloth..the difference being where the black dye is applied…either the glue, the scrim or in the case of the white sails…nowhere at all! Gennaker colours will be RED, WHITE, DARK BLUE, LIGHT BLUE…subject to what we have in stock.

photo 2