Meet the fleet: Sportsboat World



This month we decided that you should know a little bit more about Sportsboat World! Jerry and Alan have both been involved in the class since it was conceived over 10 years ago. Their enthusiasm for the class is unbounded and they continually strive to ensure that the one-design ethos of the class continues to make the SB20 the best value, one design, sports boat racing on the planet.

Names: Jerry Hill/Alan Hillman

SB20 Fleet: Hamble/Hamble

Boat Name: 3 sad old blokes/anything I can steal

Sail Number: 37xx we have a new boat currently being built by Rob White…an interesting new colour scheme!

Crew: “Spike” is probably the consistent crew for 2014 though with Alan and Jerry sharing the boat for the most part there may be some celebrity appearances by Alan’s previous dinghy crew from years gone by.

Why did you choose to sail in the SB20 fleet?
Jerry bought one of the very first SB3’s and the rest is history! Alan’s crew and business partner at the time was project managing the development of the SB3 so he sailed the prototype on several occasions.

What is your and your crew’s experience in one design racing?
Jerry is one of the most experienced SB20 sailors out there…being a former World Champion of the class for example! He was also seen in many high profile yachting campaigns in the solent as well as sailing in Ultra 30’s, Int 14’s etc Spike is a bit of a dark horse..hiding his light under a bushel but he has done a lot of sailing that would scare the hell out of most of us, catch him at the bar for further details! Alan was competitive in his youth on Windsurfers, and was RYA National Windsurfing Coach, he won the Laser4000 nationals back in the last century and has done precious little but coach in the last few years. Though not exactly a one design he spends a bit of time at his foiling moth school in Spain.

Which events are you planning to compete in during 2014?
Jerry, Alan and Spike will be at the Primo cup….the SBW boat should be at the Spring Series/champs in Hamble, All the grand slams the UK nationals and the Worlds…we are still fighting over who will sail and whether we might just need another boat.

Do you have a favourite SB20 sailing memory?

Jerry is still dining out on his World’s victory. Alan’s is: crying with laughter,standing on the keel of the SB3 prototype having just been speared in for the 10th time by Mike Lennon of Hydes sails who was finding the downwind performance a little more exciting than he was used to.

Where is your favourite sailing location?

Jerry…Garda (did he mention when he won the world’s?) and Cascias. Alan…Mar Menor Spain and Hyeres.

Have you sailed your SB20 there?

Jerry…not again…zzzzzz….. Alan, Yes we used to have 2 SB’s in the school there! Hyeres only in a 49er in a previous life!

If you could change one thing about the SB20, what would it be?

Both…it would be great if the boat was not so reliable and people broke more gear!

When you’re not sailing, what do you do?

Jerry can be found on the ski slopes…Alan is trying to ensure his children grow up loving sailing!