Meet the Team: Laurent Bernaz

Name: Laurent Bernaz
SB20 fleet: France
Boat name: CAP 3
Sail number: FRA 3093
Crew Names: Jean Baptiste Bernaz / Antoine Bernaz / Xavier Leclair

Why did you choose to sail in the SB20 fleet? Because the World Championship was announced for Hyeres in 2013

What is your and your crew’s experience in one design racing? The full crew all sailed Laser standards.

Which events are you planning to compete at during 2013? All the race and training in the south of France

L to R: Jean-Baptiste Bernaz, Antoine Bernaz and Laurent Bernaz

L to R: Jean-Baptiste Bernaz, Antoine Bernaz and Laurent Bernaz

Do you have a favourite SB20 sailing memory? The moment when Jean Baptiste said “Yes, I can sail the 2013 SB20 Worlds with you!”

Where is your favourite sailing location? Have you sailed your SB20 there? I prefer sailing one-design but if not possible I’m sailing in the Gulf of St Tropez with a handicap rating

If you could change one thing about the SB20, what would it be? A roller for the jib.

What is your and your crew’s sailing background? (Which classes/boats and where?) Laser standard sailing for all. Jean Baptiste has represented France at the last 2 Olympics and is expected to do the same in Brazil. The other crew were close to Olympic level about 15 years ago. For me, I truly enjoy just sailing with my friends in the Laser Master category. There is a big group of former Laser Standard sailors in the Master category in the south of France.

What are you and your crew’s past sailing achievements? 2nd in 2013 Primo Cup and 4th in the 2013 SB20 Grand Slam event in Hyeres. Jean Baptiste Bernaz was 8th in the Laser class in Beijing


What do you never go sailing without? My Good Mood

What was your best ever days sailing? Why was it so special? Probably when my son got his first selection for the Olympic games because it was the success after 15 years of dreams! On the SB20, it was a maxi surfing moment (20 minutes) in the Gulf of St. Tropez flying by all the big boats with my small SB20!!

Why did you choose to sail the SB20? Firstly, following my experience at the 2011 SB20 World Championship in Torquay when I was invited by Marçon Yachting. It was a great experience in the 100 plus boat fleet. Secondly, because the 2013 World Championship will be in Hyeres, and also this class has a great President who is a good organiser and makes the events fun! Thank you Ed Russo.