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With the new black sails now hitting the water we asked Hyde Sails Mike Lennon to give us the low down on the process that saw their creation….

 1. What was the brief?

Sportsboat World asked us to update the SB20 sails with the strong mandate of maintaining the one design characteristics of the original sails. The black sails are created by adding a dye to the adhesive used during manufacture. This has no effect on the strength of the film or the fibre content. The black cloth is exactly the same as the white sail cloth, but with the adhesive dye, we can effectively make a sail any colour we like.

 2. What is new about the detailing?

In the SB20’s previous life as a Laser SB3, changes and updates to areas of weakness in the sails were hard to implement. Working with Sportsboat World has brought a higher level of attention to detail and a customer focused approach to the finished product. We undertook testing of some new fittings and have moved to a new top batten tensioner and new tack slugs. 



3. Will there be any performance differences in the sails?

No, only in that buying a new sail generally improves performance. A new “new spec” sail and a new “old spec” sail will perform in exactly the same way, there is no difference to the pattern or cloth except the colour of the dye. The new spec sails have the same life span as the old spec sails. 

4. Are there any cost implications for the customer?

The retail price of the black sails remains the same. We understand Sportsboat World actually dropped the price of the sails when they took the class over in May 2012.

We would be happy to hear your views on the new black sails. Email us and share your thoughts:

We have had some great feedback on the look of the new boat and with a current standard choice of red, white or blue gennakers the fleet will be somewhat more colourful! (We can also do special colours and logo let ins, pricing available on request)

If you need a new set of sails please contact your local dealer to ensure you have them in time and that we can get the new font numbers and country codes to you with the order. We also have a limited supply of the white sails but with the new spec detailing.