New Backstay Flicker


As with everything we are doing with the new boat the one design ethos will be maintained…and where we can make an improvement to the user experience without undue financial implications…..we do it!

We probably handle more rigs on a daily basis then most SB20 sailors. Through the years we have always made sure we wear gloves when grabbing hold of the backstay flicker whenever it was necessary. We avoid touching it like the plague! As we all know, a good dose of UV (OK I know we have not seen much of it lately here in the UK) the thing starts to splinter and ultimately break. In the meantime the itchy hands will have driven you to distraction!

The solution…..the plastic wrapped flicker! New boats will be supplied with this as standard in 2013 and we will have the new human hand friendly version available for the folk who don’t trade their boat the moment the flicker breaks.

So…the flicker is exactly the same as the old one but looks nicer, should last longer and doesn’t mess with your hands.

We have priced the new flicker at the same price as the old one! Probably available in a lovely blue colour a la SB20 logo or black.