Jibery Pokery


Getting the knot in the right place for consistent jib halyard tension was always a challenge. Having had a good look around what was happening at the worlds and never being afraid to copy a damn good idea (and claim the glory for it) we shall be bringing a nice little feature to our “pro” jib halyards this year. So, with D2 Racing rope, an eye splice in the halyard and a nice little soft shackle you will be in business! We have also developed a retro fit mast bracket for those that wish to switch the spinlock for a cam cleat for really accurate halyard setting. The holes are the same pitch so just drill of the old one…pop on the new one. HEALTH WARNING…the loads on the cam cleat are too great when lifting the rig up so ensure you tie the halyard end to the keel crane to prevent any possible failure of the cleat.